Spring into Action

First and foremost, we need to thank all of our donors and supporters. With the dumpster fire that was 2020 now in our rear view mirror, we are looking forward to the possibilites. We are planning on restarting our Thursday night print clinics. Once we resume the clinic, we will be limiting the number of […]

Peregrine Honig | Rebirth

Peregrine Honig is back in the building with Black Rock Editions. Our first print of Spring is the aptly entitled Rebirth, a limited edition 5 color lithograph depicting unborn twin taxidermy fawns. This elegant print will be pulled by hand in a small edition of 25. The Twin Fawns are a recurring icon in Honig’s work. Purchased from a toy and science store, Honig commissioned a custom glass cloche and hand […]

Jeanette Pasin Sloan is back in the shop.

We are proud to announce a new project with artist Jeanette Pasin Sloan. Jeanette worked on what was originally a 5 color lithograph. Early proofing determined we needed to approach this differently with the result culminating in a 10 color lithograph. It captures the subtlety and complexity of printing the various contours and penumbras of […]

Most recent collaboration with Fatima Ronquillo

I never thought that a lockdown could have its advantages. In this case, it gave us time and opportunity to explore a side of lithography we never had the chance to do before. After completion of the small monochromatic edition of Fatima’s “The Watchers”, we began to ponder an approach to a color version and […]

James Havard

I remember the first time I saw a James Havard painting; it was at a gallery in Palo Alto California in the 1970s. It was during his “Abstract Realism” period and I was floored- they were transportive. I never forgot the pieces or the moment. Fast forward to 2006, Landfall Press was contracted to produce […]

Starter Kit

The crew here at Black Rock felt it might be a good idea to offer a series of prints designed for the beginning print collector. This will most likely be a recurring monthly theme with the expressed intent of exposing our followers to some really good prints at some very reasonable pricing. The artists in […]

Feb. 14th ideas?

Black Rock Editions is pleased to offer some ideas for that special someone. Or for yourself…who are we to tell you what to do?Email us at for pricing and availability.

Weekly wrap up

Happy First birthday Black Rock! What a year, not that it’s not tough enough to start a fine art print shop in the best of times but we launched it in the worst of times (my apologies C.D.) but here we are still standing. A huge thanks to all the wonderful support we have received […]

Signed | Sealed | Delivered

PRINTER’S NOTESThe proofing is over and the edition has been signed. Preparation and planning are the key to a successful run, you go over everything in your head, how much ink you’ll need, how much paper do you tear? Blotters, interleaving, drying times, all factor in to a good edition. All printers seek the perfect […]

2020 | How It Happened

In 2020, Landfall Press celebrates five decades of operation, since its founding in Chicago, in 1970. Landfall Press and the team of Jack, Steve and Chris have been in Santa Fe, New Mexico since 2004. Together, (Jack and Steve) as a team since 1989 (Chris joined in 2004), they have continually published and printed fine […]

Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year and welcome to 2021! Here’s hoping for calmer waters and smoother sailing. We have hit the ground running and are currently in production on a new print by Fatima Ronquillo. “Hand with Hummingbird and Lover’s Eye” is a 3 color etching with chine colle. Image size is 8″ x 6″ with paper […]