In January of 2020 Black Rock Editions was founded largely due to the generous contribution of Landfall Press’s Jack Lemon. The Gift comprised a complete fine art print studio that included in the facility, presses both lithographic and etching, curating, exposure units, gallery space and storage. Literally, 50 years of accumulated equipment and knowledge. All this came to us with the caveat, “What are you going to do with this?”

The answer was not a difficult one to arrive at. Steven and Christina Campbell decided to form Black Rock Editions, a fine art print shop with a focus on under-represented artists. Being in Santa Fe, New Mexico, we found ourselves uniquely located to make a cultural impact. This art hub of the southwest has most likely the highest density of both established and emerging native artists within the United States and is the home to both Institute of American and Indian Arts as well as the New Mexico School for the Arts. While this was to be the initial focus of Black Rock, we broadened our scope to include Black and POC, women, and members of the LGBTQ+ artist community as well.

In addition to this most vital mission, we hope to start a series of workshops for our community to promote printmaking and establish ourselves as an integral part of the arts community in the southwest. 

Steve Campbell, Master Printer | A gentleman and a scholar. Bay Area boy who traveled to the Midwest where he taught and landed the perfect job: printing with Jack Lemon at Landfall Press. Eventually found himself mosey-ing out to the Southwest: blue skies, cacti, coyotes and high desert monsoons.
“I’m not from here; I just live here.” – James McMurtry

Christina Ziegler Campbell, Director | Regular Girl Friday. Proud Midwestern native via Seoul. The move away from the Chicagoland area was a bit of a culture shock but the quietness and darkness has become the preference. As a fan of music, the posted shop mixes are most likely curated by her. Sounds much taller over the phone.
“I don’t want to hear it.” – Minor Threat

Joshua Orsburn, Printer | An Austin transplant, Josh found his way to Landfall in 2016 and he’s been with the shop ever since. An important component in our transition to Black Rock, he’s our go to guy. He likes long walks on the beach and quiet evenings sipping a nice cup of Sleepy Time Tea.
“Go on and blame it on the rain. Cuz the rain don’t mind.” – Milli Vanilli