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Founded in Chicago, IL in 1970 by Jack Lemon, Landfall Press has served as a unique space for artists. Devoted to traditional methods of printmaking such as lithography, as well as more innovative processes, editions published at Landfall Press often transcend the conventional format of two-dimensional works on paper. For instance, Landfall Press was the first publisher to add wrapped three-dimensional collage elements to Christo’s prints.

In addition to purely visual images, Landfall Press has published poetry, music, and fiction, as well as formats which combine these oeuvres, such as the hand-printed artist’s book. Among the more unique editions published by Landfall Press are Robert Arneson’s Brick Suite — accompanied by a cast ceramic brick embossed with the artist’s name — and Terry Allen’s Juarez Suite, a boxed set which includes a record album of music and narration related to the printed images.

LANDFALL PRESS: FIVE DECADES – This 628 page hard bound book documents five decades of Landfall Press with a special introductory section that examines the early life and professional career of Landfall’s founder/owner – Jack Lemon. The five decades of Jack Lemon’s life’s work was not just printing and publishing the prints, multiples, portfolios, books, posters, magazines, catalogs, and 33rpm and 45rpm vinyl records, it’s also the relationships he’s initiated and maintained over those 50 years. The book makes real, the value of strong collaborative partnerships and the extraordinary expertise required to make art that’s significant and fundamental to the history of art.
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